The Oblique Network
Making Pixelmon Great Again since a year ago, give or take

Our team has built Oblique around three important values for a single purpose: being the server you call home.

Friendly Community

The very core of any server is the people that play it. By encouraging stronger friendships in our playerbase, Oblique helps create a happy environment that will keep you coming back. Always. Forever. Without fail.

Fresh Gameplay

Our servers promise to re-invent how Minecraft is played. Oblique's staff is dedicated to bringing the players balanced and challenging servers that will make you wonder how long it took to code them. A long time.

Play to Win

At Oblique, we know that Pay 2 Win is unbalanced and unenjoyable. We will always be committed to fair store items, where your purchases are made to support, not cripple, our playerbase. Man, we're poor.

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